Ooshky - Whisky Water Jug

Dinnae drown your dram

Ooshky® gives you full control of the flow when adding water to your whisky, whether you like a splash or just a drop.

Never again will you drown your dram.

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Just a drop of water for your dram.

Fill with spring water
Add a splash with ooshky

A drop of water can open out the flavours of your whisky (or whiskey), truly enhancing the tasting experience but it can be easy to add too much and spoil the drink. Ooshky lets you add just a drop of water to your whisky and with full control over the flow, you will never drown your dram again. Replace your old pipette or water dropper with Ooshky!

To use, simply fill, cover & pour. The larger hole is covered with your thumb and the flow is controlled by partially releasing your thumb for a splash, or keep it covered and shake for a drop.

Ooshky is a play on the word Uisge – gaelic for water and part of the phrase Uisge Beatha meaning water of life which gave rise to the name whisky.

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Unique Design

The unique design makes Ooshky very versatile. Drip it like a dropper, splash it like a pipette or pour it like a jug – there are multiple ways to use Ooshky which makes it the perfect accessory for adding water to your malt

Handmade quality porcelain

Each Ooshky whisky water jug is handmade in porcelain making every one unique.

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