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Ooshky Whisky Water Jug – White Porcelain

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A white porcelain, water drop shaped jug perfect for adding a splash or just a drop of water to your whisky. Combines the function of both a pipette and a bulb dropper whilst looking gorgeous too!


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The original Ooshky. A white porcelain, water drop shaped jug, perfect to open your favourite whisky flavours and aromas by adding just a drop of water.

Why Ooshky?

Adding water to whisky can open up its aromas and flavours to enhance the experience and taste of your whisky (or whiskey). Ooshky allows you do this with style and control. It is an object that you would happily have on display, not hidden in a drawer and only bring out to use. The whisky water jug’s elegant curves result from its water drop-shaped design, but it is so much more as it allows you control the flow of water when adding it to whisky. By using your thumb to cover the filling hole, you can shake to get just a drop. You can release your thumb slightly to get a splash. Or you can simply pour uncovered to use it like a regular jug. This way it combines the function of a bulb dropper, a pipette, and a jug all in one.

A unique product

Ooshky’s artisans craft it from porcelain, ensuring its ergonomic shape offers a comfortable and tactile feel in the hand. Its uniqueness also invites intrigue so if used at a whisky tasting with friends it can become a talking point to bring people together.

A handmade product

Every Ooshky water dropper is handmade through the manufacturing process of slip casting. We hand-pour each one in a mould and then finish it by hand before glazing. As each Ooshky is handmade the hole sizes will vary. If the intended recipient has smaller hands, please choose ‘Regular’ when ordering. The large size should fit most males. If there are any issues with the hole size, please see our Returns Policy to arrange an exchange.

Sustainability is always in mind

We package each Ooshky whisky water jug in a fully recyclable cardboard tube, completely avoiding plastic packaging. Moreover, we ship it using fully recyclable cardboard and paper packing materials, including the tape. The item itself is very durable so should last for many years, unlike the plastic pipettes you can find which are prone to splitting; adding to the world’s plastic waste problem.

We supply each Ooshky in a tubular gift box, complete with a usage guide on the back.

Additional information
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5.7 × 5.7 × 9.5 cm
Thumb Hole Size

Any size, I don't mind, Regular (20mm x 17mm or less – best for smaller thumbs), Large (Up to 25mm x 19mm – will fit most males)

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